Private Tattoo Studio – Black, Bold, Solid
Private Tattoo Studio – Black, Bold, Solid



  • Send a mail to with your full name and address if you think to order a print or artwork. You can ask anything you wish about orders the availability or technical details of works/prints you desire to buy directly. Your email will be answered within the same day.
  • You can use Paypal for payments and my direct link is:
  • Shipment cost varies in general between 10-15 € depending on your location, however the size of the product you order may affect the price when it exceeds standard parcel sizes. 
  • Once you make an order, you package will be shipped in 3-5 business days and the tracking code will be sent to your email. 
  • The shipment takes usually 1 to 2 weeks. If the postman can not find you at the adress given, you will have a note in your mailbox from the post office that you can go and receive your package with. 
  • If nobody receives a package within the 15 following days of its arrival to your local post service, the package will return back to the sender. In this case the cost of the product will be paid back to your Paypal account, but not the shipping cost.