Black, Bold, Solid – Tattoos & Illustrations
Black, Bold, Solid – Tattoos & Illustrations

About me

Tattoo art and illustrations by Augustin Abitei

Can you really get to know someone by reading their bio on their website? Probably not. It´s just a bunch of praise and accolades written by the author about themselves.

You´d probably get a better idea of who an artist is based on their body of work, their reputation and their style. In that case, refer back to the gallery excerpt of this website.

And if you´re still wondering who Augustin is…well, I´m many things. Beyond being a tattooer and illustrator, I´m also a licensed clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, apprentice photographer, metalhead, mountain hiker, amateur chef, animal lover, husband and father…just to name a few.

Here is the official part: I was born in Romania and now I live in Estepona, province of Malaga, Spain. I did my first tattoo in 2010, and began tattooing full time 2011. Self taught, I strive for creative, dynamic, bold work. In general I like tattooing all kinds of styles, but I have an attraction for the “black” side of tattooing. Most of the time I work by appointment, so I like to have a conversation with the person willing to get tattooed, to explain what my thoughts are about the design, to set together the size and place of the tattoo, followed by a sketch and then to execute the tattoo.

But to get a better idea of what my tattoo art and illustrations are all about, just give me a call, a message or preferable…make an appointment. You´ll get to know me a little more while spending a few hours getting tattooed. And it´ll be a lot more fun than reading this bio.